I'm A Wild One (single)

by Pat Briscoe



released November 1, 2013



all rights reserved


OVERKILL Soundtracks Sweden

OVERKILL SOUNDTRACKS is the soundtrack department of game developer Overkill (a Starbreeze studio). We compile and publish the soundtracks connected to Overkill's and Starbreeze's games.

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Track Name: I'm a Wild One
I'm not the leaves - I'm the whirlwind
I ain't dreamin' no one else's dream
When roads are straight, you'll see me turnin'
Only dead fish follow the stream
Ain't nothin' out there that can scare me
I'm boldly crossin' life's great prairie
I'm a wild one

I'm not the rain - I'm the thunder
I ain't gon' follow, I will lead
A force of nature, an awesome wonder
Should you ever cage me, I'll break free
Ain't no one out there that can chain me
Not a place that could contain me
I'm a wild one, oh yes I am

I'll break loose and shed these chains
Like a wild horse canter 'cross the plains
In my soul I'm like an eagle
Watch me soar, watch me soar

I'm not a saint - I'm a wild one
Leave the shinin' armor to someone else
Judges and haters - let 'em all come
I won't buy what any of 'em sell
I'll swing into my saddle
Like a true desperado
More than some of you can handle
I'm a wild one
I'm a wild one
I'm a wild one